Geek chic, NASCAR style

Here’s one for Mythbusters fans the world over.

My wife has been suggesting that I invest in a new wallet to replace the dry, crumbling piece of steerhide in my pocket for several years now. And while researching a story – yes, it’s true – I happened across this little beauty in the NASCAR online store.


Genuinely it was an accident.I had no intention of buying anything in the NASCAR store – mainly because for so long I simply couldn’t.

When I first visited the NASCAR store it either didn’t ship outside the USA. Later, when some bright spark realised that there was a potential market, it would have been more cost-effective to fly there and stay in a 5-star hotel than to pay the shipping, handling and associated fees.

I’ll be honest: it felt more than a little as though NASCAR didn’t want to sell anything outside its national borders.

Quite clearly this attitude has undergone a significant reversal, however – and so I have a new wallet. Which is rather special.

As you can see it’s silver. That’s because it’s made of duct tape. Now, my wife is a devotee of Mythbusters and so as her fellow fans will understand, she has a great appreciation of duct tape, its properties and uses.

So alongside repairing aircraft, building bridges and fashioning canons, here’s a new addition to the list: a wallet with a lifetime guarantee, and which was purchased and delivered to the UK for the grand total of $25.00.


It’s just one of the bewildering array of items from clothing to barbeque tongs, that NASCAR has long been offering to its followers in North America – and which it would seem can now be bought from around the world at reasonable cost.