Where’s Jimmie these days?

British readers might wish to look back through their archives at some stage, if they are devotees of Motorsport News magazine – the weekly bible for all things track and stage.


A few years ago one of this esteemed organ’s correspondents went to the USA to discover about life in NASCAR. He came back very impressed, and with a beautiful diecast model of Jimmie Johnson’s #48 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

This same Monte Carlo sat in pride of place on the journalist’s desk for about a week… and then went missing. He was distraught. Not to say enraged. And, of course, his colleagues were falling about laughing.

Over the course of many subsequent editions of Motorsport News a fantastic game called ‘Where’s Jimmie’ was played out. In photos from a wildly diverse array of races, rallies and other events you would often find a beautiful diecast model of the #48 sitting in the background. Or the foreground. Or anywhere except where its owner wished to see it: namely on his desk.

And so we offer a small salute to possibly the best-travelled NASCAR diecast in the world. I wonder if he’s still out there…