It’s got to come soon, hasn’t it?

Kyle Busch, a.k.a. ‘Rowdy’ has had a quiet 2012 by his illustrious standards, both in terms of laps led and getting on the left tit of most people in the paddock. He’s left all the aggravation to big brother Kurt so far this year, but it can’t be long before someone (step forward Kevin Harvick) yanks his chain again… can it?


Or as NASCAR on FOX presenter John Roberts put it during Rowdy and the #18 crew’s last spell of scattergun chaos: “They’re stinking up the show every weekend and loving every minute of it!”


Paint your wagon (part 1)

There are very, very few ways to enjoy NASCAR in an interactive way if you live overseas. You can’t go to the races, the DVDs are all Region 1, the PlayStation games are all NTSC – in short, you pay for the online services from and that’s about it.

Except for one thing… slot car racing. Here’s a picture of the Falcon Raceway in Essex, UK. This is a purpose-built speedway for racing digital NASCAR slot cars – although you can run them on any kind of track you like.


There have been a wide range of NASCARs made as 1/32 slot cars from across the eras. If you’re a fan of the ‘Darkside’ then Carrera and Monogram have cars from the late 1950s to the early 1970s to choose from. More recent aero cars from 2000-07 can be found from Scalextric (Superslot in Spain) and SCX (Scalextric in Spain), while Car of Tomorrow cars from 2008-09 were made by Scalextric, SCX and Carrera.

The trouble is that only a handful were ever made. They might not be models of your favourite driver and, even if they are, every driver goes through about half a different paint schemes in any given season. But help is at hand.

In the course of the next few days, I’m going to change this Chevy Impala from Kevin Harvick’s 2008 Shell/Pennzoil #29 car to the 2011 #33 Cheerios entry of Clint Bowyer. With a little bit of work, you can make pretty much any car you like – and then go racing.

Imagelextric, lextric,

Where’s Jimmie these days?

British readers might wish to look back through their archives at some stage, if they are devotees of Motorsport News magazine – the weekly bible for all things track and stage.


A few years ago one of this esteemed organ’s correspondents went to the USA to discover about life in NASCAR. He came back very impressed, and with a beautiful diecast model of Jimmie Johnson’s #48 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

This same Monte Carlo sat in pride of place on the journalist’s desk for about a week… and then went missing. He was distraught. Not to say enraged. And, of course, his colleagues were falling about laughing.

Over the course of many subsequent editions of Motorsport News a fantastic game called ‘Where’s Jimmie’ was played out. In photos from a wildly diverse array of races, rallies and other events you would often find a beautiful diecast model of the #48 sitting in the background. Or the foreground. Or anywhere except where its owner wished to see it: namely on his desk.

And so we offer a small salute to possibly the best-travelled NASCAR diecast in the world. I wonder if he’s still out there…

Logano and the 27 foot club

Pocono is as Pocono does – the same driver started and finished the race at the front. Yet Pocono had its share of interest all the same, behind winner Joey Logano.

ImageLogano ran at the front all day after qualifying on pole, but at the last round of pit stops got beaten to the draw by veteran Mark Martin. On lap 156 0f 160, the bright orange #20 made a cheeky ‘bump and run’ passĀ  to take the win.

The result was good news for Logano but after 400 miles at Pocono the major talking point was how 13 drivers found themselves taking penalties for speeding as they exited the pit lane.

In fact it wasn’t even the number of drivers penalised – but how many penalties they got, whic became the talking point. Travis Kvapil managed to get it wrong four times, David Reutimann three times, while Brad Keselowski, AJ Allmendinger and Jimmie Johnson each took two hits.

The problem was that as part of the resurfacing of the track, the pit lane speed cameras were repositioned. Until this weekend the final stretch of the pit lane under scrutiny measured 56 feet, but that was increased to 83 feet and caught all these teams on the hop. Those proved to be 27 ver costly feet and, quite frankly, there are 13 crew chiefs who should have been sent to the naughty step.

Jimmie Johnson had to recover from his double penalty, and did so with aplomb. Even without the penalties it was looking like a very poor day at the office for Five Time, who almost ran out of fuel on lap 73 and was forced to pit under green flag conditions – threatening to go a lap down.In the end he rolled home in fourth place, hard on the heels of Tony Stewart.

A case of beers shuld probably be heading to David Ragan and the #34 crew however as they brought out a timely caution and Johnson gained 34 seconds on the pack!

Elsewhere the new track surface did little to spice up the Pocono action. An F1-style scrum into Turn 1 was predicted for the opening lap, but aside Denny Hamlin’s optimism causing contact with Carl Edwards all went well. At the end of the first lapĀ  Landon Cassill in the Burger King #83 lost it at Turn 3, spinning into the #56 of Martin Truex Jr who in turn sent AJ Allmendinger and Juan Pablo Montoya running for the infield.

After that it became a bit of an endurance test for drivers and spectators alike, with Earnhardt Jr among those who found themselves short on fuel. Like Johnson, Earnhardt had cause to thank an unexpected caution – in his case team mate Kasey Kahne’s #5 making an outing to the wall – for keeping him on th lead lap. Ultimately the #88 came home eighth, enough to go second in the points table.

Second behind 2003 Cup champion Matt Kenseth, no less. The Roush Fenway star replaces his team mate Greg Biffle at the top of the standings after Biffle suffered an engine failure. Both Kenseth and Biffle have one win apiece this season, Earnhardt remains winless since dinosaurs roamed the Earth but id one of four drivers in the top 10 yet to reach Victory Lane this season.

As for Logano, his Pocono victory takes him one place up the standings to 15th. In a season that’s brought 10 winners from 14 races so far, consistency is king. Yet while Logano the victory may mean more than what it offers in points but rather his ticket to stay aboard the #20 car after several disappointing campaigns.

And that’s that.

The ‘Dew Crew’ has spoken… weeks of fun ahead!

There’s seldom a movie released these days that doesn’t end up splattered across somebody’s NASCAR livery.

Statistically it’s very rare that these special liveries don’t jinx their drivers into having a nightmare day at the office. Of course the one exception is Jimmie Johnson, who would stand a fair chance of winning if Goodyear forgot to bring enough tyres and had to raid its display car – hence ‘Five-time’ rolling into Victory Lane at Dover in a powder blue car festooned with furry friends from Madagascar 3.

At Michigan later this month Dale Earnhardt Jr will be driving a Dark Knight Rises-themed Impala, wearing one of four liveries that was put up to the fans’ vote by Mountain Dew via it’s ‘Dew Crew’ website. And they helpfully put out a reveal video, hence the post.

You could probably write a decent dissertation on the cross-promotion and data capture activities going on here. It’s impressive stuff.

Off the track Mountain Dew will be bringing out a Dark Knight-inspired Dark Berry flavour together with 6-oz cans of the original stuff that features a bat symbol which transforms to corporate green when it’s chilled to a drinkable temperature.

Something tells me that many coolers at Michigan will be brimful of the stuff.

Geek chic, NASCAR style

Here’s one for Mythbusters fans the world over.

My wife has been suggesting that I invest in a new wallet to replace the dry, crumbling piece of steerhide in my pocket for several years now. And while researching a story – yes, it’s true – I happened across this little beauty in the NASCAR online store.


Genuinely it was an accident.I had no intention of buying anything in the NASCAR store – mainly because for so long I simply couldn’t.

When I first visited the NASCAR store it either didn’t ship outside the USA. Later, when some bright spark realised that there was a potential market, it would have been more cost-effective to fly there and stay in a 5-star hotel than to pay the shipping, handling and associated fees.

I’ll be honest: it felt more than a little as though NASCAR didn’t want to sell anything outside its national borders.

Quite clearly this attitude has undergone a significant reversal, however – and so I have a new wallet. Which is rather special.

As you can see it’s silver. That’s because it’s made of duct tape. Now, my wife is a devotee of Mythbusters and so as her fellow fans will understand, she has a great appreciation of duct tape, its properties and uses.

So alongside repairing aircraft, building bridges and fashioning canons, here’s a new addition to the list: a wallet with a lifetime guarantee, and which was purchased and delivered to the UK for the grand total of $25.00.


It’s just one of the bewildering array of items from clothing to barbeque tongs, that NASCAR has long been offering to its followers in North America – and which it would seem can now be bought from around the world at reasonable cost.