It had nothing to do with me…

It had nothing to do with me…

Oh dear lord. F1 folk really don’t get it do they… although Kimi’s idea of disappearing without saying a word to his erstwhile hosts looks the more gracious!


Paint your wagon (part 2)

You’ve got a toy car. It’s a NASCAR slot car painted up as one driver, but you want to paint it up as another and go racing around the track. Want to know how? OK…

In part on (here: you’ll find a little explanation of who makes what in terms of slot racing NASCARs. Once you’ve got your hands on one, no matter which manufacturer’s model you want to run, you have to disassemble it completely. That means unscrewing the body from the chassis, then going over the whole body and trimming the plastic solder that holds all the pieces in place before gently snapping the windows out.

You’ll end up with something like this.


The next step is to clean off the existing livery. Usually it’s a combination of paint and tampo-printed decals sealed under the kind of lacquer designed to stand up to repeated and sustained impacts with the skirting board.

This stuff is as hard as nails, so to start getting it shifted you need to put the body into an air-tight container that you’ve filled with methylated spirit, like so:


Leave it brewing overnight…

SPEEDCAR Race, 2009

Here is one of the last SPEEDCAR races. Putting F1 drivers in any kind of closed-roof environment is usually an invitation to cause havoc. Reversing the grid only puts the seal on the deal.

In terms of spectacle, it’s a miracle that it didn’t take off. I mean, what else do you need?

SPEEDCAR Series in Bahrain, 2007

Pretty soon we’re going to be covering the attempts to export NASCAR around the world and how those attempts fared.

One of these was the SPEEDCAR Series: based in Dubai and aiming to ignite sporting passion from the Arabian Gulf to the Gulf of Tonkin.

It didn’t.