It had nothing to do with me…

It had nothing to do with me…

Oh dear lord. F1 folk really don’t get it do they… although Kimi’s idea of disappearing without saying a word to his erstwhile hosts looks the more gracious!


I need my drinking water. Hey! Give me my drinking water!

Meanwhile, here’s a little something from Kimi Raikkonen last year. Remember when he turned up, was awesome, made Carl Edwards’ eyes come out on stalks with his car control and then disappeared, leaving everyone wondering what was wrong with his drinks bottle?

Thought so. Here’s another gem.

Image“We’re so fucking shit, it’s unbelievable.”

It’s got to come soon, hasn’t it?

Kyle Busch, a.k.a. ‘Rowdy’ has had a quiet 2012 by his illustrious standards, both in terms of laps led and getting on the left tit of most people in the paddock. He’s left all the aggravation to big brother Kurt so far this year, but it can’t be long before someone (step forward Kevin Harvick) yanks his chain again… can it?


Or as NASCAR on FOX presenter John Roberts put it during Rowdy and the #18 crew’s last spell of scattergun chaos: “They’re stinking up the show every weekend and loving every minute of it!”

“He’s an idiot.”

As we’re on the subject of motormouths, it would be impossible not to put up a Tony Stewart quote today, wouldn’t it? So here’s the moment when Greg Biffle got his now-famous nickname:


He’s an idiot. They name streets after people like that… one-way and dead-end. I like the guy, we play poker together, but if I found him right now, I’d strangle him.”