The international NASCAR blog was created by Nick Garton, a veteran of more than 20 years of working at the highest levels of European-based motor sport, for whom NASCAR has become an abiding passion.

Across every continent on Earth – and even much of North America – there is a recognised way of doing things. That’s why an English team manager could take a job in Malaysia, an Australian race official could take a job in Qatar and a Paraguayan rally driver could compete in Kenya – and each of them would be in a familiar environment from the very first moment.

Yet parachute any of these characters into the middle of a NASCAR race, and they will all tell you it’s like being in a parallel universe where everything is familiar and yet nothing is what, where or how you expected it to be.

Traditionally, the appropriate tone for an outsider to take towards NASCAR is one of derision. Like a playground bully, the prevailing opinion is that if something is different then it must be wrong.

This in turn puts into perspective the graciousness and genuine interest of most people in NASCAR – be they drivers, team staff or fans – when the tables are turned and they get a good look at how the rest of us go about our business.

So for anyone who might be interested, here is a blog: a little bridge between the two worlds which may offer a chance to explore one from the perspective of  the other. It is not endorsed in any way by any party involved with NASCAR, its participants, sponsors or events. It’s just a bit of fun – please treat it as such.


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